Technical Assistance

“It is well known to Pecol how important your work is, how you rely on the effectiveness of our machines and the efficiency of our support services. Therefore, we improve the processes, with clear rules that will speed up our performance. We gathered the best technicians and deepened their technological expertise to ensure our customers and users a highly qualified and committed professional team. We are prepared to ensure a quick and safe response, whether it is repairing, maintaining or preventing inspection, so that your machines are always up to the challenges of your job.”

Nuno Mateus – (TAS) SAT Responsible


Pecol Powertools machines are warranted against manufacturing and assembly defects for 12 months – professional user – and for 24 months – private user from the date of purchase. But Pecol wanted to go beyond and provide an excellence complementary service to its customers/professional users – Pro Technical Assistance Service Plans.

PRO TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE PLAN UP TO 36 MONTHS – A unique service not to be missed!

We have for you a differentiated PRO TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE PLAN that ensures, at no cost, whenever necessary, preventive and maintenance interventions (inspections, cleaning, lubrication and tuning) and the replacement of critical and preidentified wear parts what extends the life of your machine.

These plans also include pick-up and delivery, also free of charge and custom-made. And because your time is money, we commit to repair your machine within 72 hours.

To benefit from this PRO TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE PLAN, you must Register your Machine Online or through our Call Center.

Check with your sales representative about the conditions to access the PRO TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE PLAN 12+, or its extension to 24 months – PRO TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE PLAN 24+ – or 36 months – PRO TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE PLAN 36+.

For more information and details, see the (TAS) SAT PECOL Terms and Conditions.


Faults or malfunctions:

Make sure there is electricity at the socket where you connected the machine. If your machine incorporates a removable brushes’ system, please check their condition. If it is a battery powered machine, check that it is charged and or if the charger is charging correctly.
Please check the position of the torque adjustment ring. You may be willing to use the machine for a function that requires a better torque adjustment and the clutch is not tuned for it. Also check that the drill bit is tight in the chuck.
Pecol sells to consumers directly at its head office in Águeda and at its branches in Braga, Lisbon and Alverca or through its dealers. If you experience any difficulty finding a dealer, please send a message to geral@pecolpowertools.pt or sat@pecol-powertools.pt.

Repair Service:

In case the estimate is rejected, the disassembled machines are returned. If the customer wants us to return the assembled machine, a minimum fee will be charged according to the technical service.
Your faulty tool can be sent to (TAS) SAT PECOL as the only authorised PECOL repair centre.
As a rule, you will get the repaired tool back after three to five business days.
During the warranty period, assuming the anomaly is caused by a defect in assembly or manufacture, the pick-up and delivery of the tool is free. For repairs, after the warranty period has expired, the pick-up and delivery of the machine will be charged depending on the type of machine, according to the following table: -Battery Compact Machine: 3.95 € (One Way) + 3.95 € (Return) -Electric machines up to 5kg: 3.95 € (One way) + 3.95 € (Return) -Machines over 5kg: 5.10 € (One Way) + 5.10 € (Return)
If you fill out the form or contact the call center till 5 p.m. on a business day, the pick-up can be made from the following day on.
The tool must be packed in a way to ensure its proper protection during transport, i.e., well plasticised, packed or protected, ensuring its integrity during transport.

Assistance Plans:

The service plan is a preventive and corrective maintenance full service of machines that the customer can enjoy for 12, 24 or 36 months, depending on the type of machine.
The service plan is only available upon purchase. After this period, it is no longer possible to obtain the plan.
The service plan provides coverage ranging from pick-up to delivery, machine assembly/disassembly/cleaning and lubricant products/non-consumable internal wear parts/full machine inspection/tuning and machine adjustments and testing according to the machines selected for that plan.
The service plan is limited according to the typology of each machine, which can vary from 12, 24 or 36 months.