Being a representative of the Pecol brand means being a part of us and being able to access thousands of references to fulfill the needs of your customers.

Pecol PowerTools enables you to offer a range of power tools and battery, of state-ofthe-art technology and the highest quality at a fair price, allowing you to reach a new customer segment with a more competitive offer – the most demanding professionals who want professionally tested and reliable machines at the best price.


In order to ensure a strong image among consumers, we have developed several supports that allow you to have a surprising impact in your store of this renowned brand of professional power tools. To this end, we support our dealers with several materials, such as:

Brochures and Posters
Customized Displayers
Counter Displayers
Shopwindows and Floor Decoration
Exclusive Training

Representing the Pecol brand is extremely important to us, so we work closely with all those who represent us to build a winning business together.


In addition to the electric and battery machines, Pecol is a leader in offering the most varied Fixation Systems and an important player in fields as distinct as safety and security, machine accessories, etc., which allows the retailer to have exclusive access and focus on the same company to the most varied quality products, with a strong, recognised and high demand brand, in the market.