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20V Cordless Impact Drill Brushless


With a 20V engine and 1.2kg of weight, it is the perfect configuration to guarantee versatility and control at work.
Equipped with a Quick-Change Chuck (Jacobs), the cordless drill allows the work rhythm to flow, both in screw tightening and drilling by simply setting the torque and speed required for each application.

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Developed with an ergonomic design for full and balanced control, the cordless drill combines weight and soft rubber finishes to ensure comfort in use. The white led light provides greater visibility for access to more protected areas. It incorporates a battery status indication system.

The cordless tool comes with thermal and overload protection system to safeguard equipment integrity.

Technical Features

⮞ 3 modes
⮞ Chuck capacity: 1.5-13 mm
⮞ Belt Metal Clip
⮞ Battery Status Indicator
⮞ Quick-Change Chuck
⮞ Torque Settings: 21+1+1
⮞ Auxiliary led light
⮞ Magnetic drill chuck
⮞ 0-500 rotations per minute
⮞ 0-2000 rotations per minute
⮞ Maximum diametre when drilling wood: 35 mm
⮞ 0 – 7500 impacts per minute
⮞ 0 – 30000 impacts per minute
⮞ Maximum diametre when drilling metal: 13 mm
⮞ Two-speed gearbox
⮞ Charging Time: 60 min
⮞ Maximum diametre when drilling concrete: 13mm
⮞ Battery Voltage: 20V
⮞ 65Nm maximum torque
⮞ Weight: 1.2kg
⮞ Reverse mode in the direction of rotation

Smart Technology

⮞ Easy handling
⮞ Jacobs Ratchet – Auto Lock System
⮞ High hardness gears
⮞ Optimised total weight and balance
⮞ Rotor protection against particle abrasion
⮞ High precision construction
⮞ Electric braking for higher productivity
⮞ Thermal protection of the machine and batteries


Instruction manual