800W/125MM Angle Grinder

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Angle Grinder equipped with an 800W engine and high hardness metal gearbox to ensure durability.
Angle Grinder and easy to handle angle grinder.

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Equipped with an 800W engine and high hardness metal gearbox to ensure durability.
Compact and easy to handle angle grinder.
Equipped with disc rotating shaft lock button for easy unlocking, safety system switch to prevent the angle grinder from turning on after power failure.
Designed to house 125mm diametre discs with adjustable protection, easily and quickly through the tightening clamp, preventing the use of a wrench.
Ergonomically designed and designed to ensure good handling while working, equipped with a non-slip rubber handle, combined with low weight, balance and compact dimensions.

Technical Features

⮞ Power: 800W
⮞ Maximum diametre of disc: 125mm
⮞ 11000 rotations per minute
⮞ Shaft Diametre: M14
⮞ Shaft lock button for disc and accessory installation
⮞ Prevents machine from accidentally turning on
⮞ 2-position auxiliary handle
⮞ Quick-closing metallic safeguard
⮞ Supported Power Grids: 220V – 240V
⮞ Weight: 2.1kg

Smart Technology

⮞ Rotor protection against particle abrasion
⮞ Premium bearings
⮞ Light and compact head
⮞ Extra-long high-quality coated cables
⮞ High precision construction
⮞ Easy handling
⮞ Sturdy aluminum head
⮞ Optimised total weight and balance
⮞ High hardness gears


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