125MM 20V Angle Grinder

V20 RBPRO-125-0

Equipped with a 20V engine and high hardness metal gearbox to ensure durability;
Equipped with disc rotating shaft lock button for easy unlocking, safety system switch to prevent the angle grinder from turning on after power failure.

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Its light weight, compact dimensions and ergonomic body development and 2-position adjustable handle ensure good handling while working.
The white led light provides greater visibility for access to more protected areas.
It incorporates a battery status indication system.
The machine comes with thermal and overload protection system to safeguard the integrity of the equipment.

Technical Features

⮞ Quick-closing metallic safeguard
⮞ Disc Maximum diametre: 125 mm
⮞ 10,000 rotations per minute
⮞ Shaft Diametre: M14
⮞ Shaft lock button for disc and accessory installation
⮞ Prevents machine from accidentally turning on
⮞ 3-position auxiliary handle
⮞ Protective metal safeguard
⮞ Weight: 1.7kg
⮞ Battery Voltage: 20V

Smart Technology

⮞ Thermal protection of the machine and batteries
⮞ Overload protection of machine and batteries
⮞ Light and compact head
⮞ High hardness gears
⮞ High precision construction
⮞ Easy handling
⮞ Sturdy aluminum head
⮞ Optimised total weight and balance
⮞ Efficient airflow


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